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The Tacollection - a Community (or taCommunity if you will) of Taco Enthusiasts, Taqueros, Taqueras, Taquerias and Foodies where there are 10K memberships by holding one of the playful but culturally accurate tokens.

Community Mission Statement:

To increase the interactions of Taco Lovers and Taco Creators by removing the barriers of location and language.


Bringing Taco Enthusiasts Closer

Please have a look around and enjoy our community.  We are more than fun art. We look to inspire a community of enthusiasts and build a roadmap that appreciates:

1) Tacos

2) Mexico

3) Fun

4) Barrier Free Interaction

5) Web3 Adoption in Latin America

Mexican Taco Dinner
The Tacollection was Created by a Mexican / USA couple seeking a MORE AUTHENTIC mexican metaverse for their daughters and to encourage web3 adoption in Latin America.
Base Taco Image Revised.jpeg

La Jefa
Creative / Founder*

Screenshot 2022-04-18 3.40_edited.png

Tech / DIST /

Art and graphic design

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Big Ogre Advisory
Tech / Creative Advisors

*For the avoidance of doubt, our founder is Mexican and prefers corn tortillas.

The Project


We want to bring people of different cultures and backgrounds closer together over a shared love of the taco.  We hope to do so across borders and languages.


A project that actively recruits top taqueros, taqueras and taquerias while maintaining a high interest in the token to develop authentic interactions and a community that "ups it's taco game".

Our community is more than a picture of a taco.  It is a connection of enthusiasts worldwide.


Our tokens look great and have very authentic elements, but they they represent access to a community looking to jump barriers:

1) Complimentary drops

2) Direct interaction and virtual private lessons with top taqueros

3) In person events
4) Social Media Seminars for member taquerias

5) Member driven roadmap items

REady to Join THE Tacommunity?



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Nom Nom Nom!!! We Hope You LOVE This Community!

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