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You Dropped Something...

Thank you for joining us here.  We are very excited to present the Tacollection and would be happy to walk you through what it is.


A Community of Taco Enthusiast

A place for your establishment to build following, sell merchandise, offer specials and interact with your customers more directly. 


A Place to trade best practices

Join our Discord and share / receive advice with other restaurants about managing your social media, operations, delivery and more!  It's an exchange of non-competitive establishments.


A LIst of Who's Who in the World of Tacos

Be featured on our website as a Member Taqueria and drive Member Traffic to your store.


Not an "NFT Collection"

We are building a community to bring those who love tacos closer to those who create them.  Your token is simply your access card. With the token, you get commercial rights to the image (merch) and the ability to participate in the Community. 

If you have questions, contact us at and we will happily reply!

Mexican Taco Dinner

To join our community, you need a token.  We are currently creating our AllowList / Whitelist for those wish to buy the token at the lowest available price.

To Join The List, go to ________

Setting Yourself Up with CryptoCurrency can be confusing if you haven't done it. You simply need a wallet that connects to the premint or a marketplace.  Here is an article that explains how to create your wallet:



(Or a Wallet of Your Choosing)

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